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Tiffany goes above and beyond. She is AMAZING… Her use of color is the best I’ve ever seen. Her pictures are so vibrant and full of life. She does more than most photographers because she has a vision. I trust her 1000% when it comes to capturing the feel or look of my events. She’s very professional and can work with very little. She is able to roll with the punches and create beautiful images. I am always so pleased with her work and love how beautifully she captures everything.
— Alexandra Butler Professional MUA
alex butler
Tiffany was amazing! Though her demeanor is quite casual in a way that puts you at ease and allows you to relax, she isn’t at all casual about her work. From the beginning, I felt so taken care of.Tiffany’s process is clearly well thoughtout, with her clients needs in mind. You can tell she’s experienced because working with her is an experience! I didn’t have one doubt or concern before the shoot that we would have any trouble, and feeling that she was so capable put me at ease, even when shooting on a day the weather would naturally t ensemble anyone. Tiffany is open to new ideas and is willing to work extra to get ‘the shot’ both you and she is looking for. Tiffany ‘ s professionalism inspires confidence in her work. And she backs it up by returning picture perfect photos, with great color quality. She offers a lot, under promises and over delivers. She has become somewhat of a friend and I look forward to many more years with her as my photographer!
— Tiffany Mack
Tiffany is first and foremost an artist. When she did our family pictures, she came with a vision. She also knows her camera well, which means she can work quickly and confidently to capture the moment. I love the passion she brings to her art, as well as how easy she is to work with
— Emily Campbell
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Tiffany Josephs is Phenomenal with a remarkable turnaround on delivering quality images.
— Shenetta LaShay Owner and Creator of S'LaShay Boutique & Novelties